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D.R.S. Accounting & Tax Service, Inc.

When you think of IRS, think of DRS.
Dee has given best tax advice to clients for over 40 years.

Welcome to D.R.S.

The world of finance is ever changing - It's hard for businesses and individuals to keep up and still manage their growth. 

For more than 40 years, D.R.S. has been a company of problem solvers. We understand that accounting is more than keeping track of the numbers. We've worked steadily to keep up with today's tax code and tax strategies while helping our clients stay on top of the bottom line. 

We are professionals who take pride in ensuring our client's satisfaction by offering a variety of accounting and tax services for both businesses and individuals.

Members of the Independent Accounting Association of Michigan, Florida Society of Accountants, National Society of Accountants, National Association of Tax Professionals, and the National Association of Enrolled Agents.

Contact us at one of our two locations. We can help you figure it out.

Mission Statement

To prepare professional financial statements, accurately representing business conditions while employing the most favorable tax treatment, for both businesses and individuals. 

Our goal is to anticipate and satisfy our clients' needs in order to encourage their personal and professional growth.  


Residents should be aware of an ongoing criminal telephone scam where individuals claim to be Internal Revenue Service Employees.

Residents are being contacted by people posing as IRS employees; claiming the resident has a warrant for their arrest due to income tax evasion. The residents are instructed to withdraw large amounts of money and purchase Western Union money cards or Credit Card. Once the caller has the card's serial number they withdraw the victim's money.

Any genuine IRS issue will never be handled over the phone; the IRS will contact a resident by U.S. mail.

If you are contacted be someone claiming to be an IRS agent, do not give them any information and contact your local police department.